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DeSantis' new property laws take effect in July. Who can and can't buy land in Florida?

In July, the rules of who can and can't own property in Florida will be changing under DeSantis' new property laws.

A policy that Gov. Ron DeSantis signed off on earlier this month is putting restrictions on who can and can't purchase property in Florida.

In the first week of May, DeSantis signed Senate Bill 264 and its companion legislation, House Bill 1355 into law. These bills severely limit the purchasing power of officials, investors and immigrants from "foreign countries of concern" like China, in Florida's real estate market.

The bills prevent anyone working within the governments of those countries, mainly China and agents of the Chinese Communist Party, from buying Florida farmland and any property within 10 miles of a critical infrastructure facility, like seaports and airports, or a military base.


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