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Federal interference could affect essential housing docs in Florida

More than a year ago, I started the Florida Landowners Association (FLA) to help landowners protect and preserve their property rights. Now more than ever, conversation and education regarding this topic are critical to our state’s future development.

Recent action taken by a federal judge to paralyze the State of Florida’s 404 permitting program is a direct and deliberate assault on private property rights. The permitting process is part of the Clean Water Act with permits administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to regulate any activities affecting U.S. Waterways such as lakes and wetlands.

Florida’s 404 permitting program provides a streamlined procedure that allows both federal and state requirements to be covered within the state permits. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is more than capable of expediting this permitting process on behalf of state taxpayers and private landowners without unwanted interference from federal bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

So why should you care? Because numerous, much needed housing developments have now been placed on hold or at best delayed. The federal government claims this move was designed to protect Florida panthers. But this power play is doing nothing to further protect or preserve the environment or protected species.


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