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Wilton Simpson announces applications for Rural and Family Lands Protection Program

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (FLV) – Florida Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson announced the opening of an application cycle for landowners to apply to the Rural and Family Lands Protection Program on Monday.

The Rural and Family Lands Protection Program is an agricultural land preservation program designed to protect important agricultural lands through the acquisition of permanent agricultural land conservation easements.

The program partners with farmers and ranchers through conservation easements and aims to safeguard working agricultural operations that contribute significantly to the state’s economy and production of food and fiber.

Simpson helped secure $400 million in funding for the program over the last two years.

Landowners can now submit their application online to the department through July 27.

“Food security is national security, and Florida’s agricultural lands are the backbone of our economy and the foundation of our food and fiber production. The Rural and Family Lands Protection Program plays a crucial role in preserving these vital resources for future generations,” Simpson said.

“I am proud to announce the opening of the program’s application cycle, which provides an opportunity for landowners to partner with us in conserving and protecting our working agricultural operations. Together, we will continue to support our farmers, ranchers, and producers in their efforts to safeguard Florida’s natural resources and sustain our agricultural heritage.”

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